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Sensitive Santa 2017 will be held on December 3rd from 10 A.M. to 2 P.M.  Please feel free to check out our page or contact us to learn more!!

Our mission is to attempt to allow every child, no matter the special needs or handicaps, a relaxed and enjoyable experience with Santa.  Our numerous volunteers allow us to give each child individual attention and a comfortable environment to meet with Santa.


​Sensitive Santa is a program designed to allow special needs children of all ages a calm and relaxed way to sit down with Santa.  Families are invited to enjoy their visit with Santa in a stress-free manner. Accommodations and adaptations are provided to meet the unique needs of all and to capture that special moment with Father Christmas.

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"Making Christmas Wishes Accessible to All"

If you would like to either make a donation to the Sensitive Santa Foundation, or would like to help with coordination of the event, please contact us at